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Community Partners

Girl Guides Planting a White Pine

Barkey Creek Planting Site
May, 2002 - Barkey Creek Planting
Site looking south.

Members of the Tamil Community have
volunteered for several FRW plantings.

Milne Planting with FRW and Korean
Community in April, 1995.

Working Together

FRW and 10,000 Trees for the Rouge Valley share shovels, pumps, hose, expertise and the best sources for trees and supplies. Sometimes, we jointly order supplies to obtain volume discounts.

In 2000, the Rouge Park selected FRW to be the lead group in the Barkey Creek restoration project which also involves Ontario Streams, SRVS and 10,000 Trees. The Barkey Creek project is the restoration of a riparian corridor of 120 metres width along a 2 km stream section that was previously farmed. FRW has responsibility for the riparian tree plantings (20,000 trees), Ontario streams is doing aquatic monitoring and wetland enhancement work, SRVS is doing wildlife monitoring and bird boxes, and 10,000 Trees is doing an adjacent tableland planting.

In 2003, FRW planted the west half of a 10 hectare site at Beare Road and Finch Avenue and 10,000 Trees planted the east half.

FRW has partnered with many community groups, including:

  • 10,000 Trees for the Rouge Valley
  • 3rd Highland Creek Scouts and Venturers
  • Chinese Alliance Church
  • Federation of Ontario Naturalists
  • 3Rd Highland Creek Scouts and Venturers
  • Korean Business Association
  • Korean Women's Association
  • Korean Veteran's Association
  • Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests
  • Milne Park Community Association
  • Middlefield Road Sikh Temple
  • Moss Park Armory Cadets
  • MNR Forest Stewardship Rangers
  • Ontario Streams
  • Scarborough College Environment Club
  • Save the Rouge Valley System
  • Sri Lankan (Tamil) Community Groups
  • Toronto Zoo
  • Toronto Professional Firefighters Association
  • St. Rose of Lima Youth Group
  • Waterfront Regeneration Trust
  • Willow Bluff’s Girl Guides
  • Youth Challenge

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