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Lake to Moraine Link

Hungry tree planters take a break in front
of a Link the Lake to the Moraine Map.

The Provincial government has promised to create an amazing GTA greenbelt to protect the Lake Ontario waterfront to the south, the Oak Ridges Moraine to the north, the Niagara Escarpment to the west and the Rouge Duffin's Greenspace system to the east.

In the eastern GTA, Premier McGuinty and his government have promised to protect:

  • the Duffin Rouge Agricultural Preserve between the Rouge River and West Duffin's Creek;
  • at least 2/3 of the Seaton lands surrounding Duffin's Creek;
  • additional GTA Greenbelt lands.

By following through with these promises to protect greenbelt lands within the Rouge River, Petticoat Creek, Duffin's Creek and Carruther's Creek watersheds, the provincial government can create a sustainable "Lake to Moraine Link" in the eastern GTA.

Half of the Duffin's Creek
Watershed is in public ownership.
It can be saved, and linked to the
Rouge, the ORM and the Lake. 

Linking the Lake to the Moraine will help to:

  • Protect our quality of life by curbing urban sprawl, congestion and pollution;
  • Interconnect the ORM, Rouge River Park, Duffin Creek and Lake Ontario;
  • Promote smart compact growth in Seaton, better 905 transit service and less traffic;
  • Promote good watershed planning and protection (Rouge Duffin Carruthers Studies);
  • Improve outdoor recreation, tourism and film industry opportunities;
  • Protect food lands, rural communities and farm economies;
  • Protect and enhance fish and wildlife habitat and biodiversity;
  • Enhance the GTA’s health, prosperity and long term attractiveness.

Public support will encourage our elected representatives to create a visionary GTA Greenbelt.  

Please visit to support the "Link the lake to the Moraine" initiative.

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