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Raising a perching post

Habitat Structures

Ecosystems involve complex inter-relationships between living things and their environment. FRW tries to imitate the natural processes and interactions which restore ecosystem heath and the balance of nature.

For example, by providing perching posts for owls and hawks, FRW invites theses raptors to hunt on our sites and thereby control the populations of rodents that would otherwise ravage the newly planted deciduous trees.

Viceroy Butterfly on
Blazing Star

Wildflower and Butterfly Meadows

Some beautiful native wildflower communities are becoming scarce because of habitat loss, pollution, exclusion of regular ground fires and fierce competion from invasive non-native and native species.

By preparing, planting and seeding new native wildflower meadows in protected Rouge Park areas, FRW is increasing natural landscape beauty and providing niches for a great diversity of meadow wildflowers, butterflies, birds, insects, and animals.