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Featured Sponsor: Toyota Canada
Baby goat held by girls
at Toyota planting.

Between 2000 and 2003, Toyota Canada contributed $75,000 towards the planting of more than 100,000 native trees and wildflowers by FRW within the Rouge Park.

By bringing staff and their families together to help FRW with community conservation projects, Toyota Canada builds team spirit and highlights Toyota's commitment to its staff, its community and the environment.

Each year, Toyota Canada staff and their families help to plant trees and wildflowers at a fun family event, which includes a delicious picnic lunch provided by FRW and Toyota Canada and a nature walk provided by FRW.

Free Loan of T100 Toyota Truck Helps
FRW Planting and Restoration Work

Toyota Canada has generously provided FRW with the free use of a superb T100 Toyota Truck. FRW uses this Toyota truck to transport thousands of trees, wildflowers, shovels and buckets of water and mulch to many muddy Rouge Park restoration sites. The Toyota Truck has increased the efficiency and productivity of FRW's planting and restoration work.

Photo of FRW_President_K_O_Connor_with_Toyota_President_Ken_Tomikawa
FRW President Kevin O'Connor (left),
Councillor Cho (centre left) and Toyota
President Ken Tomikawa (centre right) and
Toyota staff and their children.

Ultra Low Emissions Prius Hybrid

Toyota staff have also brought the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle to FRW events involving hundreds of volunteers. The Prius integrates electric and gas motors to achieve outstanding fuel efficiency and ultra low emissions.

Friends of the Rouge Watershed is proud to have Toyota Canada as one of our sponsors. The Toyota Prius is an important step towards the creation of alternative energy vehicles with ultra-low emissions.

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