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FRW Co-op Students

Michael Paget from Sir Oliver Mowat CI.

Lisa Beairsto and Wesley Leufkens from
Dunbarton High School.

Carly Joynt from Pineridge C.I.

Friends of the Rouge Watershed offers opportunities for Toronto, York and Durham high school students to work in co-op placements with FRW. FRW benefits from the enthusiasm, energy and fresh ideas the students bring to our work. The students benefit from practical skills development in areas such as:

  • forest, wildflower and wildlife ecology;
  • outdoor and environmental education;
  • watershed protection, planning and restoration;
  • office administration and word processing;
  • GIS mapping and data base management;
  • climate change, pollution and green energy alternatives;
  • goal setting, team work, communications;
  • fundraising, volunteer development and public relations.

Many Co-op students have worked with FRW, including:

  • Lisa Beairsto (Dunbarton high school, 2006);
  • Wesley Leufkens (Dunbarton high school, 2006);
  • Michael Paget (Sir Oliver Mowat CI, 2006);
  • Kyle Van Hoof (Dunbarton high school, 2005);
  • Jessica Sellers (Dunbarton high school, 2005);
  • Corey Ferguson (Dunbarton high school, 2004);
  • Carly Joynt, (Pineridge C.I., 2003);
  • Kevin Perrington (Sir Alexander Mowat C.I., 2002/03);
  • Bernard Law (Albert Campbell C.I., 2001/02);
  • Alex Leung (Woburn C.I., 2000/01);
  • Richard Green (Wexford C.I., 2000/01);
  • Jesse  (Storefront School, 1999/2000);
  • Neil Callander (Woburn C.I., 1998);
  • Trevor Parker - (Storefront School, 1998/99)
  • Ellen Lee (Woburn C.I., 1998);
  • Marek Bronny (Woburn C.I., 1997).