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Sunset at Hillside

FRW Vision and Objectives

The Rouge River watershed and surrounding watersheds will be vital components of a sustainable earth. Located within the Greater Toronto Area in Canada’s most populous region, these watersheds will be healthy and vibrant, providing “sanctuaries for nature and the human spirit”. Linked to surrounding ecosystems, the Rouge River ecosystem will support healthy forests, farms, meadows, fields and streams and habitat for diverse flora and fauna, contributing to the complex web of global biodiversity. The protection and restoration of our ecosystems will also safeguard human health by sustaining the ecological processes which naturally protect the quality of our air, water, land and food. Healthy ecosystems will provide communities with clean air, rivers, lakes and beaches, safe drinking water and food, and exciting opportunities for education, recreation and tourism.

Volunteer Planters

People of the Rouge

Thousands of people have worked to protect and enhance the Rouge River over the last thirty years. All these people are really "Friends of the Rouge". A few of them are highlighted below and many more are highlighted in the associated photo gallery.